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Meet Luna the Masai Giraffe Calf at the Phoenix Zoo

Sunshine and Miguu's calf officially has a name — meet Luna! She was named Luna by the Hoofstock team due to the fact that she was born overnight and her mother’s name is Sunshine. Luna and her dam (mom) Sunshine will be on the Savanna most mornings with our other female giraffe, Imara. (Please Note: Due to construction on the Africa Trail expansion this may change.) Luna continues to stay close to her mom, but is showing more curiosity about her surroundings every day. Welcome, Luna to Phoenix Zoo’s Masai giraffe herd!



David-Wagner_Phoenix-Zoo_24-MAR-2022_Giraffes-Sunshine-Luna_DSR6750-Edit-Edit (1)
David-Wagner_Phoenix-Zoo_24-MAR-2022_Giraffes-Sunshine-Luna_DSR6750-Edit-Edit (1)

Video was taken by Volunteer Dave Bissegger