Kitra And Her Week-old Baby
Spring Has Sprung At Vienna Zoo Tirolerhof

Big Kaja Update!

Big Kaja update: Indah and Kaja's interactions have taken a turn for the better!

Since last Wednesday, Indah has shown no interest in separating from Kaja and they have been together ever since.

She is still not nursing but does allow San Diego Zoo Wildlife Care Specialists to feed him.

Both Kaja and Indah will be off-habitat for the time being to continue to nurture their bond and the team will add Aisha to the mix in the coming days when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Kaja gets stronger every day and is now weighs twice as much as he did at birth.

He's still teething, but nothing has broken through the gums just yet.

He's working on motor skills to crawl and climb, becoming more confident as he masters his own limbs.

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