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Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the birth of six Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies, bringing the total number of individuals at Taronga Zoo Sydney to 24. Typical of the species, the six babies were born in close succession over the past fortnight, with the sixth and final baby arriving last Thursday 24March, just ahead of the Easter school holidays.

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All six babies are doing well and as expected are clinging to their mothers’ backs perfectly. Taronga Zoo Primate Keeper Scott Brown said: “We are so delighted to welcome these six tiny but adorable arrivals to our troop. Over the next week or so, the babies will be sticking to their mums like tiny little backpacks which makes for quite a sight as their mums jump around their exhibit.

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Photo 1-4-22  9 00 43 am

“For the moment, guests can see the babies with their mums, but over the next couple of weeks the babies will be ready to explore around their exhibit, and when they do, they will have their seven brothers and sisters who were born just last year to show them the ropes,” says Scott.

Given the agile nature and protectiveness of the mums, as well as the babies just being just over a week-old, Taronga’s primate team are yet to identify the sex of the six monkeys, but it will only be a matter of time until the team can and once they do they will be able to give them all names!

“Once we can properly identify the sex of the six babies, we will start the naming process. We do already have quite a few names in mind, but they aren’t set in stone, so watch this space!’ says Scott

The Squirrel Monkey exhibit is one of the first exhibits guest encounter on arrival at Taronga Zoo and is located next to the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning. While guests can catch glimpses of the babies as their mums climb amongst the trees, the best time to see the new arrivals is at 12pm when keepers perform a daily feed.

With the Easter school holidays right around the corner, a visit to Squirrel Monkey exhibit is not the only must see and do at Taronga Zoo Sydney. There are also two adorable Red Panda cubs, five cheeky Lion cubs and one larger than life bronze Gorilla who join more than 4,000 animals on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

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