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Red Panda Cubs Close Up

We are beyond excited to share with you a close-up glimpse of Taronga's latest arrivals - two adorable female Red Panda Cubs! 🥰 🐾

This delightful footage was captured during the cub's regular weigh-ins with keepers reporting that both cubs are growing and developing very well and are weighing in at approx. 1kg!

RedPandaCub_30 copy

To get your regular fix of #cubcontent don't forget to check out the new Red Panda Cam at 👉


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Emperor Tamarin Twins – Again!

Racine Zoo welcomes a new set of tamarin babies to the family

Once again, twin emperor tamarin infants have been born to Amelie and Pitino at the Racine Zoo! Amelie, the mother, was herself born at the Racine Zoo, and these offspring represent the pair’s fifth and sixth offspring in the past three years. The tiny females, named Gabriella & Gianna, born on December 22, 2021, are doing fantastically.



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Triple The Love - Stone Zoo Welcomes Three North American River Otter Kits!

Births are a first for Zoo New England’s Stone Zoo

North American river otter kits_credit Zoo New England

 Stoneham, Mass.: March 10, 2022: Stone Zoo is thrilled to announce its newest addition of otterly-adorable residents – a trio of North American river otter kits born February 16.
Born to first-time mom, Dunkin, the kits are doing well and are bonding with their mother behind the scenes. For the first several months of their lives, North American river otter kits are completely dependent on their mother and spend time in their den under her watchful eye. Stay tuned to our website at and Facebook ( for updates on the kits as they continue to grow and reach milestones.

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Baby Bears Thrive At UK Zoo

They’ve had adorable twin Andean bear cubs born at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Born to mum Madidi and dad Rasu on the 11th of January in the early hours of the morning ❤️ 

Madidi and cubs

Keepers could hear the trilling of the tiny cubs as they called out to mum. The Andean bear facility is state of the art and this imitate footage was captured within Madidi's specialist cubbing den. Mum and both cubs are doing well with the cubs doubling in size over the past two months. 🐻


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Welcome Baby Giraffe!

MARCH 3, 2022 — An exceptional new birth has just taken place at the ZooParc de Beauval on February 28: a giraffe! He is a male, son of Baya and little brother of Kimia born on July 22, 2019. His father is Momo, the only adult male in the group.


The newborn is doing well. The veterinarians carried out his first auscultation about 24 hours after his birth, thus leaving time to create the mother-child bond. He already weighs 79 kg and is about 2 m tall. Full of life, the little one easily stands up to go and suckle his mother many times.


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Pair Of Pups At Zoo Budapest

The Budapest Zoo’s giant otter pups are 5 months old and they are living with their parents Madidi (father) and Cumana (mother) and their siblings Bahia (female) and Manu (male). They can be seen at Budapest Zoo from the middle of March.

Special thanks to nature loving, slow living adventurer @vadsajkod for their translation help. See their adventures here:

Orangutan Infant Update

There’s a new face at ZooTampa! This little Bornean orangutan was born to mom Hadiah and dad Goyang on February 6, bringing the size of Tampa's family group to 10 individuals. Mother and child are both doing well and have begun making appearances in the public-facing habitat.

Habitat loss, much of which is connected to the unsustainable palm oil industry, heavily impacts all three species of orangutan. You can help these amazing apes by downloading the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide app, which will help you make smarter choices at the grocery store.

Strong Name For A Strong Giraffe Girl

The giraffe calf at Zoo Vienna continues to develop well thanks to the intensive care of the animal care team. It explores its surroundings with interest and dashes through the giraffe park. The little one's main food is still Holstein cow's milk, but she also nibbles on hay and leaves that were frozen for the giraffes to feed in the winter. “Our giraffe girl has shown real willpower and perseverance over the past few weeks. The animal care team has thought a lot about what the little one could be called. In the end, the decision was made to use the name "Amari" - which means "the strong one" in the African language Yoruba," reports Eveline Dungl, the head of the zoological department responsible.



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