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Camel Born at DierenPark Amersfoort

In the early morning today (Mar. 22), a camel came into the world at Amersfoort Zoo. The baby nurses well and, under the care of mother Rosa, walks around in the enclosure. "After birth, it is important that the young camel is on its own feet within a few hours. In the wild, a camel is vulnerable if the animal remains on the ground," says zookeeper Corine de Ruiter. Camels are native to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and China. "There, the wild camel is threatened with extinction. Among other things, poachers and drought reduce the survival rate of the animal. In addition, the habitat is used for livestock and industry, for example, so there is less and less land for wild camels," explains the zookeeper.

De dierverzorgers hebben het geslacht kunnen vaststellen_ het jong is een vrouwtje en heeft de naam ‘Raya’ gekregen


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Seeking a Name For a ZooBorn Newborn Gorilla

Rotterdam Zoo’s newborn gorilla is a boy! His caretakers have come up with three beautiful names: Amadi (African for: happiness), Ajabu (African for: miracle) and Anayo (African for: thank god). The Netherlands Zoo has a tradition of choosing an African name beginning with the first letter of the mother’s name, in this case A for Aya. Can you help with this choice? Vote until March 24 at

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First African Lion Cub Born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 20 Years

Healthy cub born on March 15; Remains behind the scenes at the new Pepper Family Wildlife Center

CHICAGO (March 17, 2022) – The African lion pride at Pepper Family Wildlife Center has grown by one! Lincoln Park Zoo is roaring with excitement to share the arrival of a healthy cub. On March 15, 3-year-old African lion Zari (Zar-ee) gave birth to a cub as part of the African Lion Species Survival Plan® (SSP), a collaborative population management effort across Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited institutions.


The cub has yet to be sexed or named. Lion gestation lasts 3½ to four months. After birth, African lion young begin nursing within 24 hours, and they open their eyes within a few days. Over the next several weeks, the cub will become more mobile and curious, beginning to explore its surroundings.


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Grooming is very important in chimpanzee life. Chimps learn how to groom at an early age, and use it as a way to form and maintain social bonds with one another.

When Maisie was being hand-raised by Maryland Zoo’s care team (Maisie Playlist linked below), they made it a priority to ‘groom’ her so she could learn and get used to the behavior. Now, Maisie is seen regularly grooming and getting groomed within the troop!

More On Maisie!:

Peanut Butter Treat For Baby Bear (And Mom!)

Idaho Falls, ID – Visitors to the Idaho Falls Zoo are in store for a very special treat this season. An adorable male sloth bear cub was born the week before Thanksgiving 2021, completely hairless and weighed about as much as a can of soda.  When full-grown, he will weigh over 300 pounds! 

Since his birth, the cub has been under the constant care of the zoo’s “super mama bear,” Priya, as well as staying under the watchful, ever-diligent eyes of the Idaho Falls Zoo animal care and veterinary staff to ensure he remained in good health. 


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Infant Chimp Takes To The Community Like a Duck To Water

ZooBorns readers know ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen has had quite a roster of new babies born lately. On the 25th of February, in the early hours of the morning, chimp Jahaga gave birth to a baby as well! Mother and child are doing well. Little one clings to mother Jahaga's tummy and is being taken good care of by her.



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Fofo The Porcupette Quill Be Grown Up Before You Know It!

Don’t be put off by Fofo’s prickly appearance! As his name implies, Smithsonian National Zoo's 8-week-old prehensile-tailed porcupette is as “cute” as can be! Get to know Fofo in this Q+A with Small Mammal House keepers Maria Montgomery and Mimi Nowlin.

Photos: Mimi Nowlin/Smithsonian’s National Zoo


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Hello there! Little Quokka Joey Debuts At Adelaide Zoo!

A furry little face has popped out to say hello at Adelaide Zoo in Australia!

The Quokka joey made its debut this week, wiggling its nose out from five-year-old Yiray’s pouch.

Quokka joeys live in their mother’s pouch for around five months before making their way out to explore the world.


Senior Keeper Nature Theatre, Michelle Birkett, said it was very exciting moment for the team to see the little one appear.

“Yiray has definitely been eating for two, she has been getting into all the snacks!” she said.


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Orangutan Infant Update

A bouncing baby Bornean orangutan was born to ZooTampa's resident orangutan parents, mom Hadiah and dad Goyang.

The baby was born Feb. 6, weighing about 3 1/2 pounds. Just over nine weeks later, mom and baby are still making public appearances in the orangutan habitat, and fans have been flocking to the Tampa zoo to catch a glimpse of the baby girl, who's already active and starting to explore her environment, keeping Hadiah on her toes.

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