Chimpanzee Toddler Time
Strong Name For A Strong Giraffe Girl

Kaja Update

Kaja and Indah, San Diego Zoo's Orangutan Son and Mom, had their best interaction yet this week, spending over two hours together. The two have "intro" sessions every day under supervision where Indah has shown all the appropriate signs of care except for nursing. Wildlife Care Specialist are unsure if Indah recognizes Kaja has her own, but her interactions with him are gentle and careful.

Kaja gets stronger every day and is now able to hold himself sitting up! As he develops his strength, Wildlife Care Specialists wear shirts that mimic Indah's hair for him to hold onto. He currently weighs 3165 grams (roughly 7 pounds) and is fed six times per day. Kaja will remain off habitat for the foreseeable future as he and Indah continue to develop their relationship.