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Baby Sloth's Milestones: Baby's First Wellness Exam & Plight of Baby Sloths in Pet Trade

We're excited for St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park’s baby sloth's first wellness exam with Dr. Garrett Fraess from the University of Florida Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This little one has been hitting all the developmental milestones and is thriving with momma Grizzly.


The sad part is that many baby sloths are being captured and kidnapped from their moms in the wild, who are likely killed themselves, for the pet trade. Baby sloths are complicated to care for and do not thrive without the right care from their moms and the appropriate diet.


We're fortunate to watch this baby sloth explore new food items and thrive with momma Grizzly. As often as we can, we want to share this experience with you, and will continue to keep you all updated!

Important Links:

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