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Baby Bears Thrive At UK Zoo

They’ve had adorable twin Andean bear cubs born at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Born to mum Madidi and dad Rasu on the 11th of January in the early hours of the morning ❤️ 

Madidi and cubs

Keepers could hear the trilling of the tiny cubs as they called out to mum. The Andean bear facility is state of the art and this imitate footage was captured within Madidi's specialist cubbing den. Mum and both cubs are doing well with the cubs doubling in size over the past two months. 🐻


Andean Bear cubs

Madidi in her enclosure

Using CCTV cameras, keepers have been monitoring mum and the cubs progress whilst maintaining a hands-off approach 🎥 Mum will keep them safe and snug until they’re ready to venture outside later in the Spring. Don't worry though, we'll keep you updated with all kinds of cute CCTV footage until then! 🙌

Andean bears are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list and face many threats in the wild. These precious cubs are a significant birth for the EEP (European Endangered Species Program).