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Squirrel Monkey Baby Boom at Taronga Zoo Sydney!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the birth of six Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies, bringing the total number of individuals at Taronga Zoo Sydney to 24. Typical of the species, the six babies were born in close succession over the past fortnight, with the sixth and final baby arriving last Thursday 24March, just ahead of the Easter school holidays.

Photo 1-4-22  9 00 16 am

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Orphaned Bear Cubs Find Safe Harbor at North Carolina Zoo

A Brother and Sister Bear Cub pair was found orphaned by North Carolina Wildlife Resources and brought to The NC Zoo for care. NC Wildlife resources partners with NC Zoo for orphaned black bear rehabilitation and wildlife release. The fate of the cubs mother is not known. They are estimated to be about 6-7 weeks old. They are in good health and will likely remain in Zoo care learning to be a “bear” throughout the Fall.

Photo-Mar-22 -3-12-21-PM

Please consider a gift to the cubs and other injured wildlife via the Zoo’s Baby Bear Cub Registry Wishlist at Amazon:


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Brookfield Zoo Welcomes a Porcupette

Brookfield, Ill. – On March 19, the Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, welcomed a new addition—a porcupette (baby porcupine) who was born on March 19. The newborn is being handreared by animal care staff after it was observed the porcupette’s mom, 9-year-old Lucia, was not providing her offspring proper maternal care.


The unsexed baby porcupine is thriving and being cared for around the clock by the animal care specialists. Currently, the porcupette is fed a formula, which was developed by CZS’s director of nutrition. As the baby develops, times between each feeding will increase until it is weaned at around 10 weeks old. Once weaned, staff will begin introducing the young porcupine to a diet consisting of a variety of vegetables, including sweet potato, green beans, corn, carrots, spinach, and kale, as well as a nutrient-based biscuit, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.


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African Cheetah Emarah And Her Three Cubs At One Month Old

This adorable footage was posted by the Toronto Zoo about 3 weeks ago, when the cubs (first appearing on ZooBorns in January:
) were still too small to reliably sex. Until they are fully vaccinated and the weather warms up, the new family will remain cozy in their indoor habitat. As they grow and get stronger, they will gradually be introduced to their behind-the-scenes outdoor habitats, and eventually to the main cheetah habitat where you will be able to see them later this spring.


Since the time of this video, The cheetah cubs have received their first full examination from the Veterinary team! We are excited to announce that they have two boys and one girl!


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First Maned Wolf Puppies Born at Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo is excited to announce that four maned wolf puppies were born on January 31, 2022. This is the first-ever maned wolves born at Audubon Zoo on record and the first offspring of female Brisa and male Sheldon, who arrived at the Zoo in August 2021.  


“Brisa is doing extremely well as a first-time mother,” said Audubon Zoo’s Vice President and General Curator Bob Lessnau. “She is being extremely attentive to her pups and is nursing well. Sheldon is also stepping up to the plate of fatherhood and has been keeping a close eye on the pups.”  

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UK’s Youngest Polar Bear Is Named And Takes First Steps Outside

The UK’s youngest polar bear cub, born in December at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park, has been named and new footage shows him taking his first steps outside.

22_03_Polar bear cub outside_LM 4

Chosen by the winner of the recent prize draw ran by the wildlife conservation charity to raise funds for Scotland’s Wildlife Discovery Centre, the cub’s name will be Brodie, a Scottish word meaning second son.


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Baby Sloth's Milestones: Baby's First Wellness Exam & Plight of Baby Sloths in Pet Trade

We're excited for St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park’s baby sloth's first wellness exam with Dr. Garrett Fraess from the University of Florida Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This little one has been hitting all the developmental milestones and is thriving with momma Grizzly.


The sad part is that many baby sloths are being captured and kidnapped from their moms in the wild, who are likely killed themselves, for the pet trade. Baby sloths are complicated to care for and do not thrive without the right care from their moms and the appropriate diet.

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A Mega Meal For A Mighty Mum

Mother’s Day came early for Southern white rhinoceros Tuli, after zookeepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo prepared a heart-shaped, breakfast banquet for her and her calf, Nandi. 
The rhino mum and her seven-month-old calf were treated to a feast of their favourite hay and pellets, arranged in the shape of a heart, for Mother’s Day. 

Nandi and Tuli at Whipsnade Zoo March 2022 c ZSL (5)


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A Baby Camel Is Born At Hodonín Zoo

A pair of  two-humped camels gave birth to offspring at Hodonín Zoo, Czechia. This is a male who came into the world on Thursday, March 10 in the early hours of the morning.  The first days after birth, the cub spends in the paddock together with the mother, so that they both have peace and space to strengthen. After about a week, the father  will be joining them. This is the third offspring of this breeding pair, so the mother  has  experience from previous breeding: "First-time breeding tends to be more complicated in this species. We had to hand-feed the first calf to gain weight sufficiently, but with this and the previous calf, things went without problems and from the second day the male drinks mother's milk from the mother," says zoologist Zdenka Vavrysová.


The first calf, a male, was born to the couple in the spring of 2017 and in 2018 went to a zoo in Holland.  The second cub born in 2019 was a female, who a year later left for the Klaipeda Zoo in Litev.  The parents of the breeding pair came to the Hodonín Zoo in 2013, one comes from the Liberec Zoo and the other from  the Beekse Bergen safaripark in the Netherlands. Both were born in 2012. Before their arrival, the Hodonín Zoo bred single-humped camels, the breeding of which was terminated after the death of the breeding female.


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Critically Endangered Baby Orangutan

Auckland Zoo is delighted to announce the safe and speedy arrival of a healthy baby Bornean orangutan, born on Sunday 20 March to second-time parents Melur and Charlie!

Melur (33) had a quick and straightforward labour without any complications, supported by Charlie and the Zoo’s primate team, and her baby (whose sex is yet to be confirmed) was born at 11.30am.

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