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Twycross Zoo Announces Arrival Of A New Baby Bonobo, The First To Be Born In The UK Since 2019

Announced ahead of World Bonobo Day (14 February), the new baby is a hugely exciting arrival for Twycross Zoo, the only zoo in the UK to house all four great ape species, including the endangered bonobo.

Born to Cheka (age 25) the baby has been named Upendi, which means love in Swahili.

Twycross Zoo’s in-house veterinary team discovered that Cheka was pregnant during a regular health check, performed when Cheka and the zoo’s family of bonobos moved into an expansive new enclosure in September 2021. Since then, she has been closely monitored by the ape and veterinary team.

The new habitat provided the 13-strong group with more space, as well as improved lighting and heating. It also offers the bonobos more climbing structures for their ongoing enrichment, plus two outdoor areas to explore.