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Surprise! A Baby Gorilla Is Born!

Hooray! Unexpectedly, a western-lowland gorilla was born at Rotterdam Zoo. The keepers discovered the baby early the morning of February 11. The mother is Aya and the father is Bokito. Mother and baby are doing well. For Aya this is the fourth youngster and for Bokito his tenth offspring. The gender is still unknown and also difficult to see. Aya holds the young close to her. The curious family came to look, as can be seen in this video, made by caretaker Victor. The young is very welcome but was not planned. The number of births for this critically endangered species is regulated by the European Breeding Program (EEP). You can already go on a maternity visit, but there is no guarantee that the young will always be clearly visible. Mother Aya has the opportunity to withdraw behind the scenes to care for her young in peace. Take your old cell phone with you as a maternity gift. This helps the gorillas in the wild. Read the entire message at: