Twin Sloth Bears Born On New Year’s Day!
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Names Wanted!

The first brief examination of the Zoo Rostock Polar Bear Cubs took place recently. Two animal keepers weighed them and looked at the gender of the two. The check-up in the box only took about four minutes and should remain the only one if possible.

During the examination it was found that both young animals are females. The visible difference in size on the camera images from the birth cavity was also confirmed by the scales. The smaller female weighed 7.8 kg, the larger already 9.2 kg. Both cubs are fit and apparently healthy. They are already running into the neighboring boxes and are becoming more and more playful. Both are well fed and show normal development.

Zoo Rostock is now looking for names for the polar bear offspring and look forward to your help. Write your suggestions in the comments of their Instagram Post (linked below). Animal care will select four favorites from all submissions that they receive by February 9th, which they will then put to a vote.

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Video: Zoo Rostock/Krasselt