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Galago Babies!

Two Senegal galagos have been born at Amersfoort Zoo. “The two young monkeys are doing well”, animal caretaker Christel Broekman tells. “Galagos are native to the forested areas and savannas from Senegal to Somalia and Tanzania. The monkeys can now mainly be found with their mother, but they will soon discover their habitat one step at a time. Then we can also determine their gender.”

“When a galago is pregnant, she builds a nest with leaves and twigs. After a gestation period of four months, the young are born and for the most part raised in this nesting house,” explains Christel. “But sometimes mother has to go out to look for food, then she takes her young in her mouth. When she has found food, she hides the boy in a sheltered place close by. This way her little ones are not left unprotected in the nest. Young galagos have their own baby language, they make sounds that older animals no longer use.”

Senegal galagos are nocturnal and therefore active in the dark. They can open their eyes immediately after birth. Their night eyes are striking; large and with a reflective layer. “That's why their eyes are often the first thing you see when you want to spot them,” says Christel. Also striking are the large jumps that the animals can make. “They jump up to three to five meters and land on their hind legs. In this way, the animals easily cover a kilometer per night. There are 'flat discs' at the end of the legs, making it easy to grab onto branches.” It will take a while before the young galagos also make such leaps, but when DierenPark Amersfoort opens again, you can go on a maternity visit in the dark jungle of De Nacht.