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Timelapse Of A Baby Palm Cockatoo Growing Into A Total Stunner!

Nyx the Palm Cockatoo chick was hatched on 5/8/21 at San Antonio Zoo. This timelapse takes place from 5/8/21 - 8/22/21, 105 days in all.

Day 1

Day 105

Since 2017, San Antonio Zoo has been the only AZA facility to successfully breed palm cockatoos, both by hand and parent rearing. 

While this species is a popular pet trade animal, it’s still crucial that their populations are managed in zoos. Management in Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) facilities via Species Survival Plans (SSPs) ensures that a healthy, genetically diverse population exists in human care. 

They’re just one of the many animals the zoo is helping secure a future for through participation in AZA Species Survival Plans!