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Hilvarenbeek, 7 December 2021 – A giraffe was born on the savannahs of Safaripark Beekse Bergen. It is a Nubian giraffe, one of the most endangered subspecies of giraffe.

The calf, which has been given the name Shanna, is doing well. "Mother Thejuli is experienced and does a great job with Shanna. We have already seen her drink well," says head animal caretaker Rolf Veenhuizen.

Giraffe Shanna met moeder Thejuli 1

For the time being, Theluji and Shanna are staying in the indoor residence due to the weather conditions. "The visitor area of this residence opens for an hour every day, so that visitors can see our newest addition," says Veenhuizen.


The Nubian giraffe is found on savannas in Africa. This species is threatened because their habitat is getting smaller and smaller. This is partly due to deforestation. In addition, the Nubian giraffe is hunted.