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Watch Panda Twins Grow Before Your Eyes At Madrid Zoo

The Panda Twins Born September 6 at Zoo Madrid have grown like weeds in two months!

The transformation in these 60 days of life has been amazing. From the pink, visionless, delicate appearance and the 171.4 and 137.4 grams with which they were born, they have become beautiful giant pandas that already weigh 3.1 and 2.8 kilos, open their eyes and show off the parts more characteristics such as the soles of the hands with its opposable finger, the fully pigmented snout or its black scapular mark, unique in each specimen.

Gemelos panda Zoo Madrid

Voting on names, until December 5 

Coinciding with this moment of presentation in the cradle of the twins, the Madrid Zoo in consensus with the Association of Zoological Parks of China, the country's highest body for the Conservation of Giant Pandas, opens, starting today and until next 5 December, the voting of the names in which all Internet users will be able to participate and win double entries for the most original answers of the two names chosen by majority.

The two favorites will be decided among the six official proposals that intend to pay tribute to Madrid, as his birthplace, and to the Chinese origin of his parents, Hua Zui Ba and Bing Xing. The popular vote will be resolved between the following names:

You You. Youyi you, friendship in Chinese, pronounced Yoyo.

Jiu Jiu. Panda babies were born in September, jiu means nine, it also means "forever", "Chang chang jiu jiu" is a good luck word. In this case, it is friendship with Spain forever, long life for baby panda.

Xing Mu. Xing, as the first word for his father's name (Bing Xing). Mu, the pomegranate is a fruit that is represented on the flag of Spain. "木 o mu" as the second character, refers to the pomegranate that symbolizes Spain. Xing, as first, sounds similar to the pronunciation of heart in Chinese and implies a good relationship with Spain.

Bing Tang. Bing, for your father and Tang, sweetie.

Hua He. Its name means world peace. It conveys the friendship between Spain and China and the hope that the pandas of Spain will grow up happy and healthy.

Yue Yuan. The twins were born in September, the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, when the Autumn Festival approaches, embodying the meeting between relatives. Their four Chinese character names also suggest that they are biological siblings.

Among these six official proposals, the two names that the twins will receive on the 100th day of their birth, in mid-December, will be chosen, according to Chinese tradition, at which time they are considered strong enough.