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Three Lion Cubs At ZOOM Erlebniswelt In Germany Are All Girls!

Yesterday morning Ms. Karin Welge, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen, revealed the secret of the sexes of ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen three lion cubs: There are three females!

The names of the three little lionesses were also announced by Mrs. Welge: Jamila, Kumani and Malaika. All names come from the continent of Africa and were selected by our animal keepers to match the three young animals:

Jamila means "the beautiful one". After birth, she had a strikingly white fur that gradually darkens.

Malaika means “angel” or “good spirit” because the lioness is very relaxed and calm with the animal keepers.

Finally, with Kumani (“Das Schicksal”), the zookeepers wanted to express how happy they are about the birth of the young animals.

Ms. Welge and Mr. Markus Karl, chairman of the supervisory board of Stadtwerke Gelsenkirchen GmbH, opened the view of the cave in which mother Fiona stayed with the three young animals.

The little ones came straight to the window with curiosity and examined the cameras. They padded around the cave and played with each other. After fooling around extensively, they got tired and took a nap.

From now on you can come and visit these young animals. The lion family can, however, decide independently whether they want to stay in the front area of ​​the indoor enclosure or whether they want to retreat to the rear part, which is not visible to visitors. It is therefore possible that the young cannot be seen at times.