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Lion Triplets At ZOOM Erlebniswelt In Germany

Meet the three Lion cubs born at Germany’s ZOOM Erlebniswelt on October 8th. The cubs are now 3.5 weeks old. The first sequence was recorded on their birth day. The umbilical cord of the young animal in the front of the picture can even be seen.

Over the past week they have slowly started to explore their surroundings. Although their eyes were open from birth, their eyesight is only now beginning to develop. In small steps they expand their radius and move a little more every day. According to vet Judith Wabnitz, everything is going perfectly overall. The offspring are developing splendidly, and Fiona is a great mother.

The zookeepers can already tell the three apart. They are all different in appearance - one is rather light, the other sand-colored and the third has a cream-colored fur.

The lion mother Fiona is very calm and relaxed with her cubs. Since she is suckling the three, and her diet has been adjusted accordingly. Sister Lissy is always by her side, who accompanies the rearing in a relaxed manner. A few days after giving birth, the lionesses left the den to go outside, leaving the cubs to sleep.

It will be a while before the triplets can also be seen by visitors.