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Blue-crowned Pigeon Chick Hatched at Santa Barbara Zoo

A blue-crowned pigeon chick hatched in the Wings of Asia aviary at Santa Barbara Zoo on November 7, 2021.

The chick’s sire (father) transferred to the Zoo in late May of this year and was introduced to Helga (dam/mother), and the two hit it off immediately! They have been nesting nearly all summer in preparation for their precious cargo.

The chick was born with no feathers, but at 15 days old, it already has a mini crest like its parents!

Parents take turns sitting on the nest and feed the chick by regurgitating (bringing up swallowed food).

The whole family is visible in Wings of Asia, so be sure to stop by to take a peek at the pigeons on your next visit to the Zoo.

We don’t know if a chick is a boy or girl until its first exam, which is around 45-60 days of age. Latest breaking news: we found out the chick is a boy!