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On Saturday, November 13, Prague Zoo’s baby orangutan Kawi celebrated his first birthday. Keepers treated him and the other orangutans to special birthday enrichment.

"He is among our most popular animal personalities," said Prague Zoo Director Miroslav Bobek. “Kawi was born last November 17th."


The Sumatran orangutans got a birthday surprise from keepers. Throughout the day, visitors received a lot of interesting information about the lives of apes at the Prague Zoo and about orangutans in Sumatra. Winners of an art competition for the best portraits the birthday boy were also announced.

The young Sumatran orangutan Pustakawan, abbreviated Kawi, celebrates his first birthday on November 17. For experienced mom Mawar, Kawi is already the fourth offspring. This is dad Pagy’s first. Kawi is the first grandson of a famous male named Kama. Kama was also born in Prague to wild-born parents. Kama (born in 1971) was raised artificially an artist - Mrs. Gottfried who even drove him in a pram. He had two sons: Filip, who lives in Bratislava, and Kawi’s dad, Pagy. Kawi is therefore the only great-grandchild of orangutans who came to the zoo from the forests of Sumatra, and is therefore genetically extremely valuable. He lives in the Prague Zoo together with his mother, father, and sister Diri.