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Panda Cubs Open Their Eyes For the First Time!

Cotton Flower and Little Snow, the baby panda twins at ZooParc de Beauval, will be celebrating their 2 month birthday! Not only are they active and moving, but... they are starting to open their eyes! Little by little, their eyelids are finally opening. Their bodies are now abundantly covered in black and white fur.


Their weight is perfectly on track: it has more than doubled in 1 month: 2.8 kg and 2.7 kg. Still a little way to go before arriving at the 105 kg of their mother Huan Huan!

The atmosphere is always calm and apart from all the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of the pandas. Beauval's teams of healers and veterinarians as well as the 2 healers from China take care of it as much as possible because Huan Huan is quite sensitive at the moment: nothing can distract her from her role as a mother.

Babies spend around 3 to 4 hours on their mother in turns and nurse twice a day. A daily bottle was added because Huan Huan does not have enough milk for her 2 little ones. It should be remembered that in nature, the mother panda would probably have abandoned her weakest baby.

Mother and young are not visible to the public, only via screens in the ZooParc. The babies are still far too fragile to go out into the outdoor enclosure. We will have to wait a few months.