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Celebrate World Octopus Day With a Baby California Two-Spot Octopus

Species: California Two-Spot Octopus, Octopus bimaculoides

Home: Birch Aquarium

This baby octopus is about 1 month old (born August 9)

Right now it's about the size of a quarter - this species of octopus can get up to about 2 to 3 feet.

This species has a bright blue “eyespot” on each side of its head.

This cool adaptation tricks predators and prey alike into thinking it's a real eye.

It also makes this octopus appear bigger and helps ward off potential predators like sea lions, seals, and sharks.

This is a local species of octopus for Birch Aquarium and can be found along the waters of Northern California to Baja California, Mexico.