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Noah’s Ark Enjoys Summer Zebra Baby Boom

An eventful August at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has brought a new buzz of excitement in the form of Zebra foal, Abasi, who joins fellow three-month-old foal, Astrid and are part of our dazzle of zebras.

Abasi and mum Polly  Zebras at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm - Doug Evens

“Our zebra foals are already developing a lovely playful friendship. Our older foal Astrid, has been very excited by this new arrival and both can often be seen having zoomies!” said Keeper Jayne Gibbons.

Zebras are born with a brown colouring to their coat and will spend their first few months growing until considered an adult at one year old. Grant’s Zebra also have a status of Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List with a decreasing population trend.