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Four meerkats have been born at Amersfoort Zoo.

Jong stokstaartje ontdekt het verblijf in DierenPark Amersfoort

“Last spring, pups were born at Amersfoort Zoo for the first time in twenty years and now we are welcoming meerkat pups again, just before the start of autumn,” says animal caretaker Marc Belt. “This loving Meerkat couple has really bonded and that's special: meerkats are very picky when it comes to choosing a mate.”

“For meerkats to form a breeding pair, there must be a strong click between the two before they land on a pink cloud. A pregnancy lasts about 2.5 months in these animals. At birth, the young are initially blind, deaf and bald. After about ten days, their eyes and ears open and they explore the world. When mother goes out in search of food, the rest of the group babysits the young meerkats. They are very caring animals,” says Marc.

The birth of another four meerkats is hopeful. Marc: “The two seem to be a good match, so I hope that this 'birth wave' continues and that we can welcome even more young meerkats to Amersfoort Zoo.”