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Three Lion Cubs Born At Zacango Ecological Park In Edoméx

Thanks to the implementation of breeding programs, part of the contributions of the Government of the State of Mexico for the conservation of endangered species, the Ministry of the Environment and the State Commission for Natural Parks and Fauna can celebrate the birth of three lion cubs in the “Zacango” Ecological Park.

Lion parents "Barbara" and "Popeye" welcomed two females and a male on 13 August. The arrival of the emblematic felines was supervised by veterinarians and animal welfare promoters from the Subdirectorate of Fauna Under Human Care, who, upon observing that the mother did not produce milk and failed to care for them, made the decision that they be raised by hand to keep them healthy and ensure their survival.

The artificial rearing of animals under human care is carried out through adequate feeding processes, stimulation of primary behaviors of each type of species and hygiene. This is carried out when the offspring are not cared for by the mother or due to weather conditions.

During the current administration, more than 100 specimens of different species are part of this program, achieving a survival rate of 90 percent.

The little lions are practicing their first roars and are in excellent health. They were born weighing 1,250, 1,290 and 1,200 grams, have 24-hour medical surveillance and are fed with food formula for felines every three hours, strengthening their immune system and filling them with energy to play and socialize with each other.

During the next months the charismatic lions will remain in the Artificial Rearing Area and later, having complied with the preventive medicine protocol, they will be transferred to another area.

For the present administration, this event represents a significant achievement, since the birth of lions had not been registered for five years in the “Zacango” Ecological Park.

With these actions, the Government of the State of Mexico redoubles its commitment to the welfare of species under human care and invites Mexicans to meet the new members of the Zacango Ecological Park through their social networks @ParqueEcológicoZacango on Facebook, @zacangoedomex on Twitter and @parque_ecologico_zacango on Instagram.