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Just a Little Bit of Koality 🐨 Content

Humphrey the koala joey was born to mum Willow and is estimated to be just over 12 months old

Koala joeys stay in their mother’s pouch for up to 6 months, it is only from around that age that they begin to emerge and attach themselves to their mother’s back

Humphrey is the first koala joey born at Taronga Zoo Sydney in over a year

This is mum Willow’s fifth joey, she is a remarkable mum and has been invaluable in contributing to Taronga’s Koala breeding program

Humphrey is far too big for mums pouch now, but as you can see does enjoy a cuddle or two or a ride on mums back

Humphrey is growing in confidence every day and hitting milestones like developing the strength the jump from branch to branch within his exhibit

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