Three Prickly Surprises
Hoo Do We Have Here, A Baby Owl Monkey?

A Cute Little Tapir Is The Latest Addition To Budapest Zoo!

The striped little calf was born on Monday, June 28th.

While, typically, newborns may not be seen by the general public in the first days, the mother and the little one are expected to be released from the "maternity room" to the enclosure earlier, so with a little luck, visitors can admire them.

What’s more, the South America exhibit, home to The Zoo’s tapirs, is also broadcasted on the Budapest Zoo’s website via webcam.

The zoo’s tapir family, together with the little one just born, consists of a total of four animals.

Suki, a 22-year-old mother,  has been living in Budapest since 2009, Géza, the 25-year-old father, arrived in 2001, and their previous child, a tapir girl named Hada,

was born on the 20th of February last year.