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After an initial respiratory illness, the now nearly 5-week-old Tamandua pup, born April 23 at Tacoma, Washington’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, is on the mend. She’s also got a name! The pup continues to nurse from her mom Terra and receives additional supplemental feedings to ensure she continues to grow and gain weight. Terra is a wonderful mother and continues to bond with her adorable pup behind-the-scenes.


Keepers have named the one-month-old tamandua pup “Liana.” Liana (pronounced lee-aa-nuh) means a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees. The name is fitting: tamanduas are excellent climbers, using their long prehensile tail for balance and support. A public debut for Liana has not yet been set- she will make appearances once she’s a bit older, and strong and confident enough. Liana is still nursing from mom regularly and has grown to 1.8 lbs. The tiny pup weighed just over a half pound when born – so she’s more than doubled in size.