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ZooBorns Patreons Can Soon Win a FREE PuzzleYourPet of Their Own Furry Friend!


OMG! ZooBorns’ mascot, ‘Radar Ears’, the Fennec Fox*, is now a PUZZLE!

We partnered with PuzzleYourPet to make this one-of-a-kind, aww-somely designed, high-quality puzzle featuring our favorite Fennec Fox, ‘Radar Ears’.

Check out and immortalize your own furry friend as a puzzle today!

File (8) (1)
File (8) (1)

ZooBorns Patreons will be eligible to win a FREE PuzzleYourPet of their own favorite furry friend in a forthcoming contest! Make your Patreon pledge today and keep your ears open for contest news!

*Radar Ears and the other animals featured on ZooBorns ARE NOT PETS. Wild animals DO NOT make good pets.