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African Lion Cuddles at Buffalo Zoo

Buffalo Zoo's Female African Lion, Lusaka, Gave Birth To Two Cubs!

The Buffalo Zoo is thrilled times two!

On March 7, lion Lusaka gave birth to two healthy cubs.

The cub’s arrival day is extra special as they were born on their dad Tiberius’s eighth birthday.

Lion Cubs 2021

The Zoo’s animal care team began monitoring Lusaka closely in the days before her giving birth.

As the keepers started their day on March 7, she went into labor.

Cub number one was born at 9:52 am, and cub number two was born a few hours later at 2:47 pm.

Right now, the babies are behind-the-scenes bonding and nursing with mom.

The veterinary team got their first look at the cubs; they were healthy, growing, and weighed seven pounds each.

Over the coming weeks, the Buffalo Zoo community will have a lot of lion fun together!

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