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4-month-old Kendi has started venturing outside on days when the weather is nice. Now 7.5 ft tall, Indianapolis Zoo’s curious giraffe calf explored the whole habitat on his first day out with the rest of the giraffe herd.

Kendi, a male reticulated giraffe, was born November 8. He weighed 137 pounds and stood about 6 feet tall at birth.

Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, giraffes bear a beautiful coat of brown spots that helps provide camouflage on the arid plains. While every giraffe’s pattern is unique, the Zoo’s youngster currently takes after his father, 10-year-old Majani, with his lighter, caramel-colored patches.

The tallest mammal on land, giraffes are one of Africa’s most iconic species, yet they are still vulnerable to extinction. To support a healthy population of animals in human care, the Zoo maintains an active giraffe breeding program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.Like all of the Zoo’s animals, this newborn will be an ambassador and help to raise awareness for conservation of the species.