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Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed five Meerkat pups at a behind-the-scenes location to new Meerkat breeding pair, Howell and Midra.

Howell and Midra arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Spring 2020 from two other wildlife parks.  Following their introduction to each other, keepers observed lots of positive breeding behaviour with their first litter of pups being born on 23 November 2020.

Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)
Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)
Meerkat pups_photo credit Sebastian Bocaz (3) (1)

“This is the first litter of pups for Howell and Midra who both play an important role in rearing the pups,” said Meerkat Keeper, Karen James.

“We couldn’t be happier with the care and protection they are displaying towards their pups,” said Karen.

“The pups generally stay in the den for the first few of weeks of life until they open their eyes and become a little stronger,” said Karen.

“Over the past couple of months the pups have definitely grown in size and confidence and are regularly out exploring their environment and foraging for food.”

This Meerkat family have recently moved to the Waterhole precinct and are now settling in to their new home. The Meerkat group that use to reside at the Waterhole precinct are destined for another Zoo in Australia.

“The Meerkat family move went well and they are now been given some time to settle in to their new home. It is the first time they will have seen people in a while as they have been behind-the-scenes at the Zoo since arriving in Dubbo.”

“No doubt our Meerkat family will be a popular addition to the Waterhole precinct and guests will be able to sit and watch their antics whilst enjoying a meal or coffee at the Waterhole Café,” said Karen.

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