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Keepers and staff at Attica Zoological Park in Athens, Greece are thrilled to announce the birth of a male baby Siamang gibbon. The infant was born December 21 and he’s the 4th baby of Attica’s pair, Guildo and Conor.

Attica Zoo keeps their siamangs in free contact with the keepers so they can monitor their health and behavior from up close and be ready to treat any illness or injury from the very first signs.

Getting the baby used to this starts very early, from its first days.

Siamangs dwell in the Tropical rainforests of Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand.

Unlike other apes, they usually walk on two legs when on the ground.

Their extra-long arms help them swing from branch to branch, leaping distances up to 9m.

They are monogamous and pairs usually stay together for life.

Siamangs are syndactylous, having their 2nd and 3rd toes fused by a thin webbing of skin.

When fully inflated, the throat sac is comparable in size to the animal's head.

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