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Taronga Zoo Sydney is delighted to announce the emergence of an adorable Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo joey, just in time the for the last week of the summer school holidays. The new arrival also coincides with a very special offer, with 50% off the full price of adults, children and concession tickets until the end of the month.

Tree-Kangaroo-Joey_Please-credit-Guy-Dixon -Taronga-Zoo_P1566522-2
Tree-Kangaroo-Joey_Please-credit-Guy-Dixon -Taronga-Zoo_P1566522-2

The new male joey, who is yet to be named, is approximately 28 weeks old and has only just begun popping his head and shoulders out of mum Kwikila’s pouch. He will remain close to mum for the time being before he is weaned at around 18 months of age.

“This little joey is growing really well, but still seems a bit cautious to make the leap and fully hop out from the pouch,” said Keeper Sam Bennett.

“We’ve seen his legs, arms, head, and a tail popping out, just not at the same time quite yet. We’re expecting him to make the milestone any day now.

“Kwikila is an experienced mum and is so relaxed and comfortable with her joey. We’ve even seen her holding food close to her pouch to tempt the little joey out.

“While half of him may still be in the pouch, visitors can still get a great glimpse of the joey from the viewing window in our café or from the boardwalk as they enter the zoo, particularly around feed time at 9am and 2pm when Kwikila tucks into a feast of fresh vegetables and flowers” said Sam.

Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, native to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, have evolved from their grounded cousins to live in trees with specially adapted paws for climbing. They are classified as endangered due to habitat loss and encroaching human activity, with more than 50 per cent of wild populations lost over three generations.

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As a proud not-for-profit conservation-based zoo, guests who choose to visit Taronga are choosing to help secure a shared future for wildlife and people by contributing to Taronga’s conservation efforts.

The 50% off discount is available on full-priced at-gate adult, children and concession tickets using the promo code WILD50. Discounted tickets must be purchased online and redeemed by 31 January 2021. This offer it not only available at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. For full terms and conditions and to book tickets, visit www.taronga.org.au/wild50.  

Photo credit: Guy Dixon