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Port Lympne Welcomes Javan Gibbon Baby

On the 12th January 2021, Port Lympne welcomed a newborn male Javan Gibbon!

Port Lympne has rewilded 7 Javan gibbons from Port Lympne and their sister park, Howletts.

Aspinall Foundation is the world’s most successful breeder of Javan gibbons with more than 50 births so far at Port Lympne and Howletts.

Javan gibbons live in the rain forest regions of Java, which is an island in Indonesia.

Like all gibbons, Javan gibbons have very long forelimbs, long fingers and shorter thumbs which make them great brachiators. That means they swing between branches in trees.

Javan Gibbons have a fluffy appearance because of their very dense and long silvery-grey fur.

Family groups are made up of a male and female and up to three juvenile offspring.