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January 2021

And then there were seven! Taronga Zoo Sydney announces the birth of four Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies!

Taronga Zoo Sydney is thrilled to announce the birth of four Bolivian Squirrel Monkey babies, bringing the total number of Squirrel Monkey babies born this season to an impressive seven.

The seventh and final Squirrel Monkey birth took place last Thursday 21 January while the other three babies were welcomed into the world in late December and early January.

Squirrel monkey baby. Credit Jennifer Steed

All seven babies are reported to be doing extremely well, with the eldest three starting to look very similar to their mums in both size and confidence. “The three eldest monkeys have become extremely active and more confident, especially in the last few weeks. They are starting to spend less time attached to their mums and are constantly exploring, climbing and swinging around their exhibit,” said Primate Keeper Scott Brown.

So far Taronga’s primate keepers have been able to identify the first five babies as males, but considering their young ages, agile nature and protectiveness of their mums, keepers are yet to determine the sex of the youngest two monkeys.

“Once we can properly identify the sex of the two recent births, we will begin the naming process. We already have quite a few names in mind, but they aren’t concrete yet so watch this space!

“All seven squirrel monkeys are available to view on exhibit, so keep an eager eye out for the youngsters perched on their mum’s back or for the older monkeys as they begin to play and explore on their own,” said Scott.

The Squirrel Monkey exhibit is one of the first exhibits to see on arrival, located next to the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning. Keepers perform a daily feed at 12 pm which is the best time to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals.

As a proud not-for-profit conservation-based zoo, guests who choose to visit Taronga are choosing to help secure a shared future for wildlife and people by contributing to Taronga’s conservation efforts.

The First Cub For The Lion City Born By Assisted Reproduction at Singapore Zoo

SINGAPORE, 26 January 2021 – Singapore’s very own Simba was born on 23 October 2020. The male lion cub was conceived through assisted reproduction at the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre in Singapore Zoo. Keepers and veterinarians worked to collect semen from Simba’s father Mufasa, a geriatric lion, using the process of electro-ejaculation. In a bittersweet twist, the cub will never know his father as the latter was not revived following the procedure. His deteriorating health was a key factor.


African lions in the wild have an average lifespan of 10-14 years. Mufasa lived to the ripe old age of 20 but did not sire any cubs in his lifetime because of his aggressive behaviour which did not bring about successful pairings with any female. Yet his genes would be of high value in contributing to the genetic diversity and sustainability of African lion populations in zoological institutions. This species is listed as ‘vulnerable’ under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Thanks to advancements in assisted reproductive technology, Singapore Zoo’s animal care team was able to harness artificial insemination as a means of preserving Mufasa’s bloodline. Lioness Kayla was identified as an ideal candidate for the assisted pregnancy as she was a proven breeder.

Port Lympne Welcomes Javan Gibbon Baby

On the 12th January 2021, Port Lympne welcomed a newborn male Javan Gibbon!

Port Lympne has rewilded 7 Javan gibbons from Port Lympne and their sister park, Howletts.

Aspinall Foundation is the world’s most successful breeder of Javan gibbons with more than 50 births so far at Port Lympne and Howletts.

Javan gibbons live in the rain forest regions of Java, which is an island in Indonesia.

Like all gibbons, Javan gibbons have very long forelimbs, long fingers and shorter thumbs which make them great brachiators. That means they swing between branches in trees.

Javan Gibbons have a fluffy appearance because of their very dense and long silvery-grey fur.

Family groups are made up of a male and female and up to three juvenile offspring.

Prague Zoo Breeds a Rare Pesquet's Parrot

The Prague Zoo is thrilled to announce it has successfully bred a Pesquet’s parrot, a first for any zoo in continental Europe. The birth also marks a rare achievement for zoos all around the world. The chick, who was bred behind the scenes, is about two months old and requires hand-feeding by keepers around the clock (about every five hours!). The Pesquet's parrot’s (also known as the Dracula parrot) diet consists mostly of fruit. This is actually the reason their heads are mostly featherless – and thus they can avoid getting their feathers covered in sticky fruit juices.

Foto 2_Z07_5488_export
Foto 2_Z07_5488_export
Foto 2_Z07_5488_export

The Pesquet's parrot’s range is the rainforests of the lower parts of the New Guinea Highlands. Here natives hunt it for its red feathers, which they use for decorating headdresses.

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Two Polar Bear Cubs Born at the Detroit Zoo

Two polar bear cubs were born at the Detroit Zoo on November 17, 2020, to 8-year-old mother Suka, and 16-year-old father, Nuka. The cubs, who have not been named yet, are the first polar bears to be born and successfully raised at the Detroit Zoo since 2004.

The cubs were born in a specially-designed, private maternity den away from the other bears. It is equipped with infrared video cameras that allow staff to monitor the mother and cubs without disturbing them. On November 19, it was observed that one of the cubs was becoming inactive and appeared to be weak. The staff allowed Suka out of the den so that the weak cub could be retrieved.

Polar Bear Cub 4
Polar Bear Cub 4
Polar Bear Cub 4
Polar Bear Cub 4
Polar Bear Cub 4

The cub, a female, was taken to the Detroit Zoo’s Ruth Roby Glancy Animal Health Complex where she was examined by veterinarians and given fluids and formula. She has continued to receive around-the-clock care and bottle feeding.

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Lee Richardson Zoo announces birth of critically endangered black rhino

Lee Richardson Zoo is elated to announce that Johari, a critically endangered black rhinoceros who lives at the zoo, gave birth to a healthy baby boy at approximately 1:30 p.m. on January 20th.  Mother and baby are both doing well.  This is the first black rhinoceros born at Lee Richardson Zoo.


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Mystery Surrounds Conception of Baby Rays

A fever of eagle ray pups has arrived at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium! The baby rays seen in this outstanding video were born on New Year’s Eve and are being monitored closely by the aquarium’s aquarists.   

The pups were born to two mothers who both reside in the Fish Tunnel display, which does not currently house a male eagle ray. The team says there are two ways the female eagle rays named Nibble and Spot could have conceived the pups;

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Roo-m for One More? Adorable Tree Kangaroo Joey Emerges at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney is delighted to announce the emergence of an adorable Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo joey, just in time the for the last week of the summer school holidays. The new arrival also coincides with a very special offer, with 50% off the full price of adults, children and concession tickets until the end of the month.

Tree-Kangaroo-Joey_Please-credit-Guy-Dixon -Taronga-Zoo_P1566522-2
Tree-Kangaroo-Joey_Please-credit-Guy-Dixon -Taronga-Zoo_P1566522-2

The new male joey, who is yet to be named, is approximately 28 weeks old and has only just begun popping his head and shoulders out of mum Kwikila’s pouch. He will remain close to mum for the time being before he is weaned at around 18 months of age.

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Extraordinary Video of Birth of Endangered Spider Monkey

Dudley Zoo and Castle is thrilled to announce the birth of a critically endangered Colombian black spider monkey, which was captured on camera by one of its delighted primate keepers.
DZC spider baby1
DZC spider baby1
Twenty year-old Valentine gave birth to the tiny baby on January 10, just as Senior Keeper, Harley Hunt arrived at their indoor den.
Senior Keeper Harley Hunt said: “As soon as I realised Valentine was giving birth and the baby was very imminent, I grabbed my phone and hid by the window, filming through the glass while trying to watch what was unfolding at the same time.

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Every Little Bat Helps: 3 Rare 'Rod' Bat Babies Born at Oregon Zoo

Three Rodrigues flying foxes are being raised at the Oregon Zoo this month, adding to the growing population of a bat species once considered the most imperiled on the planet.

Closer in size to a flying prairie dog — and in appearance to a flying Ewok — this endangered species is native only to Rodrigues, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean about 900 miles east of Madagascar. The bat plays an important ecological role on the island, where few other pollinators or seed dispersers exist.


Keepers say the new pups at the zoo are not only "adorable," but a testament to one of the most inspiring conservation stories in history: living proof of the impact people can have — both positive and negative — on wildlife and species conservation.

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