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Staff at Shaldon Wildlife Trust are overjoyed to have welcomed a very special little kitten born at the zoo in September which is now just starting to venture out of its nest box.

Born to Harley and Lucia, the zoos young pair of margay, this is their first kitten together and marks a continued success with margay at the zoo after their new enclosure won an award at a recent zoo industry awards ceremony.

Still 2
Still 1
Still 2

Zak Showell, director, said “Given how difficult a year its been, having a margay born is a really positive feeling for all the team here”.

Harley was born at the zoo in 2017 and was joined by Lucia from Randers Zoo, Denmark in 2019 as part of the European breeding programme for the species.

Zak also said “This is the only margay to be born in England this year and 1 of only 4 in the whole breeding programme in 2020. Coupled with success of winning an award for their enclosure a few months ago just makes it even better.”

Margay are a small cat found in Central and South America. They are classed as near threatened by the IUCN redlist, an organisation that list how endangered animals are. They face threats such as deforestation, fragmentation and the illegal pet and fur trade in the wild.