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Three horns are better than one! Endangered Indian rhino born at ZooTampa


ZooTampa excitedly welcomes a male Indian rhino calf born to Jamie and Johnny seen on Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa. This is Jamie’s fourth calf and Johnny’s first calf making this newborn an incredibly important part of the Species Survival Program that ZooTampa is apart of. While not getting an official weight yet, Indian rhino calves weigh between 55 and 70 pounds after an 18-month gestation. The long-awaited calf has to meet a few milestones before being deemed healthy by our Animal Care team. The first milestone is movement which includes standing, walking, and fluidity of movement. Shortly after this, the calf should begin nursing within a few hours of standing. The last milestone is bonding with mother Jamie. Having been a mother 3 times before she was able to start bonding with her calf immediately. He was able to pass these milestones and is looking quite healthy. Stay tuned for updates and follow up stories on our social media pages.”