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Help Minnesota Zoo Name Their Baby Tapir


With its white stripes and spots, unmistakable nose, and affinity to play in the water, there's not much is cuter than a baby tapir.

The  @Minnesota Zoo  is excited to announce a baby Malayan tapir will be making his debut over the coming days in the Zoo’s tapir habitat along the Tropics Trail. The tapir was born at the Zoo on August 8 and has been spending his first month of life bonding behind the scenes with his mother, Bertie. He has been receiving additional care, including help learning how to swim, from our team of zookeepers and animal health experts. The baby male tapir still needs a name – and you can help! Vote on your favorite name at this link: https://mnzoo.org/tapir/ All of these names have connections to the native area of Malayan tapirs.

Voting will close on Sunday, October 4, and the Zoo will announce the winning name on social media on Monday, October 5. In addition to encouraging you to vote for your favorite name directly at MNZoo, ZooBorns is asking fans to tell us your favorite name in the comments below. We'll submit the single most popular name to Minnesota Zoo on fans' behalf. As the baby tapir continues to acclimate to his habitat, he will be visible more and more in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to stop by the tapir habitat along the Tropics Trail to see if he’s out exploring.