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Nyala Mom and Dad Welcome Second Calf This Year!


One of the most beautiful antelopes in the world has been born at Newquay Zoo. The Nyala (pronounced ‘inYhala’), a female, has big ears, dark eyes and endearingly long, wobbly legs. This is the second calf of the year for Mum Ayra and Dad, Arnold. Curator of animals John Meek said: “Ayra is a very experienced mum - this is calf number five all told. The little one is doing extremely well and seems to be very confident, even when she joined the rest of the herd. This is another great breeding success for this stunning species.”




Found across southern Africa, male and female Nyala look incredibly different. Males have striking spiral horns, a slate grey to dark brown coat and faint white stripes. Females are an attractive bright chestnut with bold white stripes across their back.

Nyala are classified as recorded on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. The main threats to this species are poaching and habitat loss as human settlements encroach into their territory. The males, with their elegant spiral horns, are prized as game animals.

You can spot the Cornish zoo’s small family of Nyala over in the African Savannah.