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‘Big’ Little Elephant Surprises Keepers at Safari Park


A female African Elephant calf was born to experienced mom, Umngani, on September 26 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The female weighed in at 281-pounds, making her the largest calf ever to be born at the Safari Park. A newborn elephant generally weights 200 to 268 pounds at birth, and the average gestation period for African Elephants is 649 days, or 22 months.

The yet-to-be-named, little pachyderm was introduced to the remainder of her herd on September 28. The Safari Park reported that the other elephants appeared very excited to meet the new baby: ‘rushing to her, and touching and smelling her with their trunks, all under the watchful eye of her protective mother’. The elephant herd includes three older siblings (one of which the new calf now shares a birthday with) and a male calf, named Umzuli-Zuli, who was born August 12 to mother, Ndula.

2_BabiesEle_001_LGPhoto Credits: Ken Bohn/ San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Safari Park is now home to 14 African Elephants: 4 adults and 10 youngsters. The adults were rescued in 2003 from the Kingdom of Swaziland, where they faced being culled.

Guests can visit the new baby, her mom, and the rest of the herd at their home in Elephant Valley at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and they also may be seen on the Safari Park’s Elephant Cam, at: .