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1_SZ - Image 1 Panther Chameleon young_WRS

Singapore Zoo’s “RepTopia” is marking its first year at the Zoo with the successful breeding of over 80 specimens of reptiles and amphibians.

RepTopia saw 40 successful hatchings of the iconic Panther Chameleon. No larger than the head of a pen, these vulnerable hatchlings require diligent care from RepTopia’s keepers.

The amazing success at the Zoo also includes six critically endangered Electric Blue Geckos and endangered Golden Poison Frogs.

2_SZ - Panther Chameleon young_WRS

3_SZ - Electric Blue Gecko young_WRS

4_SZ - Golden Poison Frog young_WRSPhoto Credits: Wildlife Reserves Singapore (Image 1,2: Panther Chameleon/ Image 3: Electric Blue Gecko/ Image 4: Golden Poison Frog/ Image 5: Gaboon Viper/ Image 6: Knob-tailed Gecko/ Image 7: Plumed Basilisk/ Image 8: Dyeing Poison Frog/ Image 9: Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko)

Six Gaboon Vipers were also born in RepTopia’s first year. The viper species has the world’s longest fangs (at up to five centimeters) and the ability to deliver the most venom in a single bite.

Three of the eight successfully bred species in RepTopia are classified as “Threatened” on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.

Visitors can see them all at RepTopia’s glass-fronted hatchery.

5_SZ - Gaboon Viper young_WRS

6_SZ - Knob-tailed Gecko young_WRS

7_SZ - Plumed Basilisk young_WRS

8_SZ - Dyeing Poison Frog young_WRS

9_SZ - Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko young