Rare Baby Aye-aye Not So Spooky
“Are These My Stripes or Yours?”

“It’s the Great Pumpkin…!”


Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns are indicative of the fall season…and Halloween.

Zoo Keepers work hard to keep their animals healthy and happy. Enrichment toys and activities are an important tool that Keepers utilize to help in that pursuit. Enrichment items encourage natural behavior and stimulate the senses…and what could be more stimulating, this time of year, than celebrating by tearing into a bright orange pumpkin!

Happy Halloween from ZooBorns!

2_Red pandas Jung and Nima get into the Halloween spirit at Chester Zoo on Pumpkin Day

3_snow leopard_Woodland Park Zoo

4_Amur tiger with pumpkin_Woburn Safari Park


Image 1: (Lynx) Tierpark Hellabrunn / Marc Muller

Image 2: “Red Pandas, Jung and Nima, get into the Halloween spirit”/ Chester Zoo

Image 3: (Snow leopard) Woodland Park Zoo

Image 4: (Amur Tiger) Woburn Safari Park

Image 5: Piglets-in-a-pumpkin/ Tierpark Berlin

Image 6: “Andean Bear, Bernie, tucks into honey-coated treats”/ Chester Zoo

Image 7: “Black Jaguar, Goshi, enjoys and early treat”/ Chester Zoo

Images 8, 9: Elephant Pumpkin Stomp/ Denver Zoo

Image 10: (Chimpanzee)/ Detroit Zoo/ Jennie Miller

Image 11: (Bison)/ Detroit Zoo/ Jennie Miller

Image 12: (Giraffe “Mpenzi”)/ Detroit Zoo/ Jennie Miller

Image 13: (Hippo)/ Woodland Park Zoo/ Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Image 14: (Tiger)/ Woodland Park Zoo/ Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Image 15: (Maned Wolf)/ Woodland Park Zoo/ Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

More adorable Halloween pics, below the fold!

6_Andean bear Bernie tucks into honey-coated treats at Chester Zoo on Pumpkin Day

7_Black jaguar Goshi enjoys an early halloween treat and goes bobbing for pumpkins at Chester Zoo

8_elephant_pumpkin_stomp_02_Denver Zoo

9_elephant_pumpkin_stomp_Denver Zoo

10_Chimpanzee - Pumpkin_Detroit Zoo_Jennie Miller

11_Bison with pumpkin and corn stalks_DetroitZoo_Jennie Miller

12_Giraffe - Mpenzi - Pumpkin_Detroit Zoo_Jennie Miller

13_Hippo_Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren:Woodland Park Zoo

14_Tiger_Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren:Woodland Park Zoo

15_Maned Wolf_Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren:Woodland Park Zoo