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The Red Panda cubs at Lincoln Park Zoo are one step closer to leaving their den. The two-month-old “Rookie Chicago Cubs”, Clark (male) and Addison (female), born June 26, were featured on ZooBorns back in early August.



4_3Photo Credits: Christopher Bijalba / Lincoln Park ZooThey recently had their second physical, and since their initial exam on July 10, Clark’s weight has doubled and Addison has roughly tripled in weight. Both cubs have surpassed milestones such as nursing, opening their eyes, and they have begun changing from their pale yellow fur into the iconic auburn coloration of the Red Panda.

“The Red Panda cubs continue to be healthy and curious of their surroundings. The cubs are often seen trying to explore outside of the den before quickly being scooped up by their mother Leafa,” said Curator of Mammals Mark Kamhout. “With this behavior, we anticipate the cubs will be ready to make their public debut within the next several weeks.”

The Red Panda cubs received their check-up from keeper and veterinary staff, including Dr. Kristina Delaski who is the veterinary advisor for the Red Panda Species Survival Plan (SSP), which manages the accredited zoo population.

Keepers and veterinarians continue to closely monitor Leafa and her cubs, which currently remain off-exhibit. Panda dad, Phoenix, is on exhibit daily at Lincoln Park’s Kovler Lion House, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.