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UPDATE! Happy Hollow Fennec Fox Kits Still Adorable


On Monday, March 30th, we started off your week with the undeniably adorable Fennec Fox kits, at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo!

The quad is back, to help round out the week, with images from their latest photo-op! As you can see, they are getting stronger and growing fast…ears and all!

The two boys and two girls were born, in January, to mom, ‘Safar’, and dad, ‘Clyde’.  Unfortunately, their mom’s previous offspring did not survive. Zoo keepers decided to hand-rear the recent litter, in an effort to increase their chances of survival. When the kits are strong enough, keepers anticipate being able to reintroduce them to their parents. 



11037072_10155359130075176_3862218463193916278_nPhoto Credits: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo