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For over 15 years, the keepers at the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan, have eagerly hoped for zoo babies in their Fennec Fox enclosure.  Their patience has been rewarded, and they are excited to announce the birth of two new Fennec Fox cubs!

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Fennec fox_tel aviv_4Photo Credits: Tibor Jager

Four-year-old “Penny” and her mate, “Louis de Fennec”, also four-years-old, are the proud parents of the cubs.  Zookeepers observed the pair during their mating rituals and waited for the 50 day gestation period to occur.

During the gestation period, Penny and Louis spent their time digging burrows and tunnels, preparing a home for their growing family.  As the days passed, Penny became more and more aggressive, and all passersby were greeted by a chorus of thunderous barking. 

Finally, the much anticipated day arrived, and two tiny Fennec Fox cubs were born at the Safari Ramat Gan enclosure.  Penny hurried to hide the new babies in the burrows and in large pitchers that were purposefully placed in the enclosure by keepers.

Until recently, the Fennec Fox enclosure’s outer fence was covered with cloth to allow the young mother to feed her babies and bond with them in peace.  At present, keepers are gradually removing the covers and allowing Penny and her cubs to grow accustomed to the Safari’s visitors.

Native to North Africa, the Fennec Fox is also found in Asia.  They are currently not endangered and are listed “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List