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Ring tailed lemur mum Hasina with one of her babies at LongleatA rescued Ring-tailed Lemur gave birth to twins at Great Britain’s Longleat Safari & Adventure Park.

The twins, who were born on March 25 and have yet to be named, have already enjoyed a classic Lemur pastime – sunbathing!

Ring tailed lemur mum Hasina with her twins at Longleat
Baby ring tailed lemur at Longleat
Ring tailed lemur mum Hasina with her twins at Longleat twoPhoto Credit:  Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

Mom Hasina and dad Julien were rescued as youngsters from unsuitable living conditions and given a new home at the park, where they have thrived.

Keeper Beverley Evans said: “Hasina is a very laid back mum and this is her third pregnancy. She seems to have taken the whole birth very much in her stride and is an extremely attentive mother.”

In the mornings the Ring-tailed Lemurs sunbathe to warm themselves. They face the sun sitting in what is frequently described as a "sun-worshipping" posture or lotus position.

Sunning is often a group activity, particularly during the cold mornings. At night, troops will split into sleeping parties huddling closely together to keep warm.

Ring-tailed Lemurs are found only on the island of Madagascar, where populations are in decline due to habitat loss.