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Fennec fox

Time for a ZooBorns classic: Fennec Foxes! These little newborns were recently photographed at Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea, by zoo photographer In Cheryl Kim. Last year, we crunched the numbers and found that a Fennec Fox photo by In Cheryl Kim was the number one cutest picture featured on our website, single-handedly bringing 500,000 new visitors to the ZooBorns website. (See those top 25 photos here.) The Fennec Fox has since become our mascot. To browse through our previous Fennec Fox posts— they are truly adorable—click here.

Fennec Foxes are endemic to the Sahara Desert, where their big ears let them detect insects dancing across the sand at night and fur lined paws protect them from scorching hot sand during the day. They are the smallest species of canid in the world. And there's good news: the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the Fenne Fox as a species of Least Concern, meaning that they are common throughout their range and don't seem to be declining. 

Fennec fox

fennec fox

Fennec foxPhoto credits: In Cheryl Kim / Everland Zoo