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Three endangered African Blackfooted Penguins were born at the Audubon Aquarium in March. The chicks were born to parents Voodoo and Tag, Snake and Quatloo, and Endymion and Kenickie. They are growing quickly and have already joined the penguin colony exhibit.


The chicks were initially fed a special hand-blended formula of fish, krill, half-and-half, an electrolyte solution, proteins and vitamins. This provided them with the nutrients they needed to grow healthy during their first few weeks. 

Penguin Number Three resting on Darwins finger

The chicks are a testament to the success of the Audubon Penguin Breeding Program. “With their numbers decreasing by as much as 90% in the past century, the hatching of multiple African penguin chicks is especially significant and makes me incredibly proud of the program’s accomplishments,” says Audubon Senior Aviculturist Darwin Long. Audubon Aquarium works to build genetically-diverse captive populations to ensure the survival of the species. They have raised 46 chicks since the Aquarium opened in 1990.

Skua 3

Photo Credit Audubon Aquarium

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3 Penguin Chicks

Penguin Number Three on Towel

Voodoo Egg A - Penguin Number Three

Penguin Chick Number Three in Egg Chirping

Marina in shell getting asst by darwin

Penguin Number Three looking at camera
Photo Credit Audubon Aquarium