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What's Black and White and Cute All Over?


At Zoo Boise, Striped Skunks Figaro and Cleo are stars of the zoo's special animal presentations. On April 30th, the pair also became the parents of six little kits. The four males and two females just recently started to open their eyes. Once mature and independent, they will move to other zoos. In the meantime, the kits may join their parents in animal presentations at the zoo, depending on their mother and on their healthy development. 




Photo credits: Zoo Boise

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Striped Skunks are found commonly throughout North America. Born blind and deaf, the kits nurse and stay inside their mother's den for about six weeks. By two weeks old the kits have fur, and first open their eyes by three week of age. After leaving the den, the kits may still remain with their mother until the next spring. Active at the night, the skunk families are omnivorous and forage together for a variety of foods including fruits, grasses and leaves, insects, small animals and carrion.